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Ah!  The Moebius scarf!  This is a really fun scarf as it is knitted using circular needles and contains a twist as shown in this picture.  The scarf isn’t the point of this post though.  Therefore, I am not going to include instructions.  If you really want to make one (which I highly recommend), you can find the pattern in this book by Cat Bordhi.

The purpose of this post is the yarn!  In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s share the love!  Of course you should focus on your loved ones on a day like today, but why not share the love around the world too?

My mom recently took me to a yarn shop in Bel Air, MD called Ewenique Yarns to pick out a yarn for this scarf.  Knowing how much I love all things fair trade and globally conscious, she pointed me in the direction of a basket of gorgeous yarns made by Manos.  My limited spanish vocabulary allows me to translate the word “manos” to “hands”, which is a very appropriate title considering that everything made by this cooperative is handcrafted.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of fair trade, here’s a crash course.  Unfortunately, much of the stuff you buy in stores today isn’t made in the U.S.  Importing companies buy it from factories across the world.  Far too often, the workers in these factories work long hours in poor conditions for ridiculously tiny wages.  Sweatshops.  Cooperatives pop up in different locations around the world and export the goods of local artisans for a fair price.  They offer local people jobs, decent wages, and dignity.

This particular co-op has been around since the 60’s, employs 350 artisans, and offers their employees benefits like health insurance and even maternity leave!  I LOVE the fact that my yarn was hand-dyed by a woman named Karen in Uruguay, who will be able to feed her family tonight because of this organization.  Just look at how gorgeous these colors are!

I promise to get off my soapbox, but not before sending some words of gratitude out into cyberspace.

Thank you, Karen.  I love my yarn.


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