About Me

After moving to a new apartment with my husband, I realized the stark, white walls, which are unfortunately standard in rental complexes, were screaming for personality and self-expression.  Well, maybe the walls were silent, but my heart ached for color with every step through the doorway.  Yes, I am aware that white is the presence of all color, but I would rather decorate my life with the diversity of a box of crayons.

Thus began my mission to incorporate color into my life.  My decorating choices show no preference for any particular chromatic scheme and would probably terrify the most liberal of interior designers; However, I seek to please nobody but myself.  Thankfully, my free-spirit husband not only allows, but also encourages and supports this mission.

I decided to begin this blog to share some of these eclectic projects with the world.  I search for inspiration everywhere, so perhaps my handiwork will be the source of inspiration to another.  Keep in mind that I am not an artist or a writer.  I am merely a fan of all things homemade.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Karen

    What a great idea! Your directions are clear and I can easily follow them. Could you show us a close up of one of the letters?

  2. Helen

    Very creative, Kristen! Proud of you!

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