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Spring Wreath

I LOVE the color yellow!  It is just so bright an cheery!  While rummaging through the scrap bin at Hobby Lobby, I found a whole bunch of this yellow fabric for about $3!  Its a pretty basic print, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I couldn’t pass up the happy color!  Then I found this gorgeous wreath at Beautiful Nest and it occurred to me that I never make wreaths.  Like, seriously, I think I’ve only ever made one wreath before in my life.  I thought the yellow would be perfect for bringing a little spring into my life with this wreath!  Since I live in an apartment right now and don’t really trust my neighbors to leave it alone, this wreath is going to decorate the inside of my door!  Then I get to enjoy it all the time!

Notes about the project:  I left the edges of the fabric raggedy to add a little bit more of a homemade touch.  Also, my goal was to use on-hand supplies, so my fabric and wire were a little too flimsy to support themselves.  I found a cardboard frame was necessary, but it might not be necessary for your wreath.

Materials needed:

  • 5-1/2″ strip of bottom fabric (I used 3 strips of each fabric about 45″ long – from selvage to selvage)
  • 2-1/2″ strip of middle fabric
  • 1″ strip of top fabric
  • Extra fabric or ribbon for the hanger and embellishments
  • Wire (about 30″)
  • 12″ cardboard circle with 5″ circle cut out of middle (optional)
  • Small cardboard rectangle (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Some sort of hole punching device (I used a seam ripper)
  • Glue (I used hot glue – I’m so impatient!)


  1. Cut all of your strips of fabric.  Perfect measurements aren’t necessary.  I like things to look slightly amiss sometimes.  It gives them character!  I probably should have ironed my fabric, but its just character!  My Marine Corps husband would have a huge problem with this.
  2. Lay the strips out flat.  Place the smaller strips on top of each other and make sure the right sides of all fabric are facing out.
  3. Pierce a hole through all three layers of fabric about every 1-2″ along the length of the fabric.  Make sure these holes are in the center of fabric.
  4. Thread the wire in and out of the holes until all the fabric is on the wire.  When you reach the end of one strip, just start on with the next one!  The holes in the above photo with the wire are about 3 inches apart, but I decided I wanted them closer – just in case you are worried that your wire doesn’t look like mine.
  5. Once all the fabric is on the wire, spread the fabric out and twist the ends of the wire together to create a loop.
  6. If your wreath is flimsy and you need a cardboard base, continue with this step.  If not, skip to the next step.  Carefully flip the wreath over so the backside is showing.  Arrange the folds in a pleasing manner.  Apply glue to the cardboard base and slap it onto the back of your wreath.
  7. Loop the hanger ribbon (or fabric…or whatever else you might want to use) and glue it to the back of the wreath.  You may choose to glue a small cardboard piece down on top of the ribbon ends to secure them.
  8. When the wreath is dry, flip it back over to the front side and get to decorating!  I used a fabric bow (again leaving the edges raw), but you could use flowers, Easter eggs, bird stuff…whatever blows your hair back! (Notice my lack of creativity in the embellishing department…this would be my novice wreath making skills coming out)
  9. Enjoy!

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Birthday Hat


As promised here is the birthday hat I made for my nephew!  It is a simple cone design that can can be customized with shapes, numbers, and a super fun pom-pom!  I chose polka dots to match his birthday banner!

Materials needed:

  • Stiff felt
  • Scraps of soft felt
  • Pom-pom
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker


  1. Cut a length of stiff felt about 6-1/2″ x 12″.  This size can be larger for an older kid or adult if preferred.
  2. Pinch the middle of one of the twelve inch sides of felt and roll the felt into a cone.  Be careful not to crease the felt too much.  Apply hot glue where the two edges overlap.
  3. Use a ruler to measure the length from the tip of the cone to the shortest point on the side.  This should be about 6″.  Use the marker and the ruler to place marks around the bottom of the cone to satisfy your measurement.  Cut around the cone following the marks until the bottom of the cone is even all the way around.
  4. Cut a length of ribbon so that it will be long enough to tie in a bow under the child’s chin.  With the seam in the back of the hat, glue one end of the ribbon on the outside of one side of the cone.  Repeat this process with the other end of the ribbon.  Make sure these two ends are directly across from each other.  Cut the middle of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying.
  5. Cut a strip of felt in a complimentary color about 1″ wide (to cover up the ribbon ends from step 4).  Make sure this strip is long enough to surround the entire bottom edge of the cone.  Glue the strip to the bottom edge of the cone.
  6. Cut out a birthday number or other shapes in different colors and use the glue to decorate the hat.
  7. Apply a large spot of hot glue to the tip of the hat and hold the pom-pom in place until the glue sets.
  8. You’re all finished!  Let the celebrations begin!

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Birthday Banner

My nephew is turning 1!  Since my family is coming from all over the place and has all sorts of different time commitments, we celebrated his birthday a few weeks early.  I saw this super fun confetti garland from Increasingly Domestic and had to make one for the party!  I decided to add letters to mine to personalize it for the kid (not that he can read, but he did like the fun colors!).  I also made the birthday hat, so be sure to look for that in an upcoming post!

Materials needed:

  • Felt sheets in several different colors (one sheet of each color should be sufficient for a banner of this size)
  • Ribbon scraps
  • Letter templates (I printed my from a word processor)
  • Circle template (I used the bottom of a candle jar – about 3-1/2″ diameter)
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Trace several circles onto your felt using your circle template and felt marker.  I traced 4 circles onto each color of felt.  Since I found 8 different colors of felt, I had a total of 32 circles to create 2 separate chains.  Cut the circles out.
  2. Sew a line through the center of each circle so the circles are just touching at the edges.  Do not cut the threads in between the circles.  Increasingly Domestic provides an excellent photo tutorial for this process.
  3. If you need to create your letter templates, follow these directions.  If not, skip to the next step.  I used Microsoft Word to print out huge letters, but you can use any word processor.  Open the program and type out one of each letter that you will need on your banner.  Highlight the letters and try out different fonts until you find one you like.  Make sure it is thick enough to easily cut out.  I stopped at a font called Marker Felt.  Increase the font size until it is large enough for your banner.  My font size is 250.  Print out the letters and cut them out.
  4. Choose which circle will hold which letter and trace that letter onto a contrasting color of felt.  You might want to trace the letter upside down so any marker lines do not show on the finished product.  Cut the letters out.
  5. Time for the hot glue gun!  Use the glue gun to adhere the letters to the circles.  Make sure the letters are where you want them before attaching them to the circles.  Hot glue is not a very forgiving material when used with felt.
  6. Glue a loop of ribbon to the backside of the end circles.
  7. Hang up your banner and celebrate!  These circles have a tendency to twist on the chain (which is part of the charm), so you may want to hang the chain against a flat wall to keep the letters facing forward.

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Jewelry Hanger

I saw this awesome jewelry hanger on Just Thought I’d Share about a week ago.  This made me think about my poor jewelry hanging out in one giant ball in the top drawer of my dresser.  Most of the time I am too lazy or crunched for time to bother pulling them apart to actually wear something!  I’ve been thinking for a long time that I needed some sort of jewelry box, but I just hadn’t bought/found/made one.

Then I saw this fantastic idea!  A frame that displays all of your jewelry on hooks!  Like art!  Something to sort my jewelry and decorate my walls at the same time?  Fabulous!  I had to make one right away!

I immediately headed for my icky-looking frame collection and found a large metal frame that used to hold my sorority composites while I was in college.  The edge was starting to rust, so it needed some sort of refinishing. This is where I ran into trouble.  I really didn’t want to purchase anything specifically for this project so that ruled out spray paint or some sort of primer.  My first attempts at just painting over the frame with a silver acrylic were a definite fail.  Then I attempted some sort of refinish like my fabric covered frame from a few weeks ago.  Another fail.  Nothing wanted to stick to this ugly frame!  Eventually I settled on a layer of tacky glue and then fabric clamped down (with about 100 paper clips) overnight until it dried into position.  It still didn’t want to stick, but when the backing was added to the frame, it stayed in place nicely!

After my experiences, I would highly recommend a different frame (this was a pretty ugly frame to begin with) or a purchase of primer as the original instructions described!

I settled on old jeans to cover the frame and a scrap of a suiting fabric my cousin gave me a while ago.  This was a relatively easy project except for my whole frame fiasco!  I am very pleased with the results and wear my jewelry a lot more frequently!  I highly recommend it!

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Word Art – wall decoration

This fun project allows you to “paint” a meaningful word on your wall without …um… paint!  The materials are also recycled!

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard (I used cereal boxes,  but you can use a thicker cardboard if you prefer)
  • Magazines
  • Glue (I used tacky glue, but any sort of paper glue should work)
  • Mod Podge (or your sealer of choice)
  • Hangers and nails (I made hangers out of pieces of index cards with holes punched in them)


  1. The first thing you need to do is choose a word!  You can pick an inspirational word, name, monogram, letter, or even a whole phrase if you’re feeling ambitious!  Now you need to decide what you want your word to look like.  Try typing your selection into a word processor and testing different fonts to see if one strikes your fancy.  Be sure to choose a font with wide enough letters to be able to glue color to them.
  2. Once you have chosen your font, it is time to draw your lettering on the cardboard.  If you chose a cursive font like I did, don’t worry about fitting the entire word on one piece of cardboard.  You can glue the pieces together before moving on to the next step.  Feel free to print your letters and glue them to the cardboard if you do not want to draw them.  Now you need to cut the letters out.  A box cutter or utility knife can be helpful (but not necessary) at this point.
  3. Time to gather your color!  Flip through old magazines and cut out any clips of color you may like.  Glue the clippings onto the cardboard letters in a pattern you find appealing.  It is ok if some of the clippings overlap the cardboard.  You can trim these or fold them around the back.
  4. When you have thoroughly covered the cardboard, allow the glue to dry.  Coat the entire front of the word with a layer of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry before moving on to the next step.
  5. Now its time to affix the hangers.  I cut out strips index cards about 2″ x 1″ and punched a hole in the top half of it.  I then glued the strips to the back of my letters with the hole at the top.  When the project is complete, you can hammer nails through these holes to hang it!  Coat the entire back (including the hangers) with Mod Podge and allow to dry.
  6. Repeat layers of Mod Podge on each side until satisfied.  I have 3 layers on each side.
  7. Hang your word and enjoy!

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